Pet Safety

A Note From our Safety Crew

At Paws 2 Purrfection, LLC, our number one priority is for safe & happy pets. Business branding is second. While advertising seems to be at the forefront of our store, we don't want to forget the importance of keeping your pets safe while using our products.

While we make sure our products are non-toxic, normal wear and tear from chewing & play is to be expected. We highly recommend monitoring all pets with any of our play time products and rawhide chew products due to choking & ingestion hazards. Never leave them unattended with a rawhide chew of any kind, even if you don't buy from us.

Let's work together to keep our furry friends safe & happy!

Thank you!
The Paws 2 Purrfection Safety Crew

** Paws 2 Purrfection, LLC is not liable for any claims made regarding injury sustained

or ingestion of products by animals not properly attended during the use of our products. **