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Top 6 Products to Get More Customers for Your Pet Business

Top 6 Products to Get More Customers for Your Pet Business

Posted by Nicole Thompson - Owner, Paws 2 Purrfection, LLC on 7th Nov 2017

Advertising Your Business

with Promotional Pet Products

Advertising with Promotional Pet Products

So your business is all about pets… Now you're talkin' my language! If you have a pet related business, you're in a great field! Even in today's economy, people are spending money on their pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners will spend an estimated $69.36 BILLION dollars on their pets in 2017! This is a jump in sales from 2016's $66.75 billion spent last year! Our pets make us happy, so we return the favor by giving them the best possible care imaginable. With your pet business, you're helping people give their pets the ultimate life experience. Some pets get to live in the lap of luxury that some of us only dream about. There's no denying it… people dote on their pets and you want to make sure they utilize your services to do it! Spread the word by advertising with promotional pet products.

Advertising with Promotional Pet Products

Promoting your business with customized pet products is the key to your success

Being an animal lover my entire life, I can certainly relate to your choice of opening a pet care business. I spent many years trying desperately to find a vocation that allowed me to include my love of animals with my office management and customer service skills. I considered veterinary school briefly, but then quickly realized that I didn't have the stomach for the emotional side of the job. So I entered into many different office jobs, honing my customer service skills further. I learned everything I could about the promotional products/advertising field and began to build my business. What I discovered was advertising your business with promotional pet products is easy. So easy, in fact, that it can tend to get overlooked. But truly, no pet related business is complete without a great promotional pet product to send home with your customers and their pets.

Consider this, if you have a pet sitting service or a pet grooming business, (frankly any type of pet business for that matter), you can get pretty busy with your day to day activities, just keeping your customers happy with your services. But what happens with your follow up to gain repeat & referral customers? You don't want to overlook the value promotional pet products can bring to advertising your business beyond that service too! Those tangible reminders telling your customers & the people they interact with outside of your business, just where to go to get some more of that greatness!

How can promotional pet products help advertise my business?

Promotional pet products are a super thank you gift to give your pet parents after a visit to your business. All pet related businesses can benefit from advertising with promotional pet products. Consider a veterinary clinic that tends to a new client and gives the pet parents a new pet care package, which includes a logo printed pet food can lid and a branded frisbee.

Advertising with Promotional Pet Products  

Or a dog groomer or doggie day spa that sends each pooch home with a gift bag that has your logo printed on dog treats and each newly groomed critter is sent home with a promotional pet bandana around their neck. The name of your business trots proudly out the door and will get tons of attention! You can't deny a freshly groomed pup tends to be quite an attention getter when they prance down the street in a crisp new bandana!

Advertising with Promotional Pet Products

Let's also not forget the appeal of  promotional pet toys. A tennis ball with your logo will be sure to please each pup who receives it, as well as when it bounces it's way through the park, promoting your business all the way! And while we're on the subject of being out and about with your pet, you'll certainly want to remember to bring along your pet clean up products. Add your company logo to a pet waste bag dispenser and it can't fail as an appreciated gift to take away from a pet related business.

Promotional Pet Products

Advertising your business with promotional pet products will have an amazing effect on your bottom line. Your customers will appreciate your gifts and your promotional gifts will do the advertising for you long after your services have been completed!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please check out our online store Paws 2 Purrfection, LLC for all of your promotional pet products and advertising! We're always happy to lend a helping paw!Paws 2 Purrfection Paw Logo


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