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Upload Art File - Vector Format Preferred. See Artwork Requirements for Details Required


Not sure about your art file? Send it on over! We'll be happy to review it for you before you buy!
You can email files smaller than 7MB to our art department for review.
You can send us an art file to use for an order or to review here, free of charge.
This link gives you the option to send us an art file without placing a full order.

It's easy to overlook the upload image link on the product listings, so if you do forget, just upload here.
Please be sure to send along a brief message with your concerns and the action you would like us to take.

Best file types to send for imprints

Vector files are the ideal file types for use in the print world. No matter what type of product you are trying to print on and no matter how large you need to increase the size of your art file, a vector file will work.

So what is vector format? Typically, you can recognize a vector file by the tag after the file name. It will usually be saved as .eps or .ai. Occasionally, a PDF file will work, but that is only assuming that the file that created the PDF was created correctly. Vector files are made up of anchor points and lines known as "paths". When you enlarge a vector file, every path enlarges at the same rate, making a clean, clear image enlargement without the blurriness or "pixelation" you will get from an image file.

The easiest way to tell if your image is in the correct format, if you don't own the software to verify this, is to enlarge it on your computer screen to a very large size. If the image on your screen does not appear pixelated, ie:blurry, grainy or "blocky", you may have a usable file, however, if you're still uncertain, we will be happy to review your files for you to see if they will work for the type of print process we will be using for your specific order.

Don't worry if you don't have your art file available in vector format! We can help with that! Our low cost vector artwork conversion service can convert most files into vector in as little as 1-2 business days!